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Clean bandit is a British music group that was formed in 2008 at Cambridge. The Band consists of three members namely Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson, and Grace Chatto. The first two members are brothers. The artists met while they were studying for their undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge. At the time of formation, Amin-Smith was also a member of the band departing later on. Their debut single which was titled 'A+E' was released in 2012. Their debut album was titled 'New Eyes', and it featured some of their hit songs such as 'Dust clears' which charted at number 43 on UK music charts. The band has produced some electrifying songs that have done well on various music Charts in US and UK. In 2013, their single song re-release titled 'Mozart's House' ranked position 17 on the UK singles Chart. The song was initially released in 2011. In January 2014, the band's single song titled 'Rather Be' which they recorded in collaboration with Jess Glynne topped the UK Music Chart. The song went on to win a Grammy Award in 2015 as the best dance Recording. It was also the fastest-selling song in January since 1996. It ended 2014 as the year's second best-selling song in the UK with over 1.3 million copies of the song sold. In 2016, the band collaborated with Sean Paul and Anne-Marie to produce another hit song titled 'Rockabye' which topped the UK Music chart for several weeks. Later on, the hit song became the Christmas number one single for 2016 after remaining on top of the Music charts for a record seven weeks. 'Rockabye' became an instant international Chart topper. It was charted at position 9 in the US. Since the formation of the Clean Bandit, the band has sold over 14 million singles and 1.5 million albums worldwide.

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